Aleem Dar lbw decision against Smith, SA vs AUS, 1st Test 2016

Pakistani umpire Aleem Dar made a stunning decision today. Once again he was the talk of the town when he raised his finger against Australia captain Smith. He gave Smith lbw on an appeal made by the South African spinner Maharaj.

At first it looked not out. The naked eye can be wrong sometime. Smith was out of his crease and a log way forward. The ball was looking to be going on the leg side. The impact was dubious as well. With all this still Aleem thought it was out.

Smith on the other hand did not agree with him. He went for a review. He thought that things are on his side. He challenged the decision. The third umpire came into the play. The hawk eye was the only thing that could tell about the line of the ball and impact.

Now the ball was hit in line of the stumps and it was going toward the leg stump. The impact was on the leg stump and it became the umpire call. This was out and the commentators could not believe it. It was really hard to digest but then again it was a sensational decision from the Pakistani umpire Aleem Dar. He is really one of the best in the umpiring business.

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