Aleem Dar makes another good call, SA vs AUS, 1st test 2016

Aleem Dar is making some good decisions here in Australia. It seems that he likes Australia a lot. We have seen him making some great decisions in the Australian series every time he is here. Today the Smith Lbw was one of them.

Smith was way-way forward from his crease and still when the ball hit the pad Aleem Dar gave him out. This was a great decision from Aleem. The debutant Maharaj was the bowler. The left arm spinner bowled this one into the line of the stumps.

Smith was a few steps put of his crease. The ball hit the pads and there was a huge shout made. Now the South African bowler was pretty much sure that this was close. Aleem raised his finger as well. It was out from him.

Smith did not look confident about the call and made a review. The third umpire was brought into the action. He looked at the impact. The impact was in line to the stumps. The ball was coming and in it was hitting the le stick. It was called the umpire call. Now with all this the third umpire went with the decision Aleem made. Smith was given out.

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