Best Leg Spinner, Yasir Shah or Shane Warne

Shahid Afridi is in Bangladesh and he is here for the BPL 2016. The former Pakistani captain will be action shortly. He is making a lot of motions these days. There are a lot of fans he has in this part of the world.

Afridi is a popular figure in Bangladesh. In fact he is the most popular cricketer after the local heroes. Bangladeshis love him because of his batting bowling stints. He has been around for so many years now. Afridi knows about this game.

In his bowling we have seen that he gets turn and bounce on these Bangladesh wickets. These wickets have this ability to help bowlers like Afridi. It is not like these wickets are not good for batting. They tend to produce that extra bounce as well.

Afridi last year produced a good number of wickets for the Riders. Right from the first game he started getting wickets. The major reason was the wickets nature here. Riders will be eager to see Afridi in action straight away. If he fires with both bat and ball then Riders will be over the moon. In case he gets runs or wickets then still Riders will be happy. They just want Afridi to fire either with bat and ball.

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