Media tells who is best leg spinner

Shahid Afridi is back in action here. The Bangladesh premier league has kicked off and we see a super star in the middle. Shahid Afridi is here and the Bengalis love him a lot. They want him to get into action straight away.

Shahid Afridi was an absolute sensation in the BPL last year. He had some good batting innings and in the bowling he got some important number of wickets. Riders were very lucky to have him last year and even now he is playing for them.

Shahid Afridi in his first game last year took some important wickets. He was the main bowler for the Riders. The wickets here in Bangladesh suit Afridi. There is spin on these wickets and then the odd bounce also helps him as well.

We have seen Afridi getting turn and bounce on multiple pitches here. The kind of bowling action he has he generally gets the ball to play some tricks. This is mainly the reason Afridi gets a lot of wickets. Riders will be hoping to see him in the same form again. Shahid Afridi was retained by the BPL franchise looking upon his pervious performances. There are a few changes made by the team but they decided not to give away Afridi.

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