Last ball six from Pakistani left handed against Australia

One of the most interesting games in cricket is this one. Pakistan was out of the game but then Asif Mujtaba brought his side tight back. He was helped by the Pakistani tail. The upper order batted well but not that much to get the desired runs.

Pakistan at the end in the final over needed 17 runs to win the match. It was tough because at one end there was the bowlers batting. Asif was the only hope. Mushtaq fell to short fine leg on the very first ball of the over.

Asif and he crossed while the ball was in the air. Then Asif hit a big four on the leg side. That relieved a bit of pressure. Then Asif took a single. Aaqib then hit the ball straight and this one went for a four. This was a very handy boundary that Pakistan got.

Then it all ended up on the final ball. Pakistan was required 6 runs to tie the game and 7 to win. Asif was on strike. Steve Waugh was the bowler and he presented him a nice juicy full toss. Asif hit the middle to his bat to this ball. This one went for a big six on the leg side.

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