Mohammad Irfan brutal bouncers in Quaid Azam Trophy 2016

Mohammad Irfan is in a great bowling form these days. He is playing the domestic cricket cup and so far it has been going well for the tall fast bowler. Irfan has picked up a very decent number of wickets in all the games he has played so far.

In one of the innings he took 6 wickets. The wickets are helping him getting the bounce. Irfan height also plays an important role when he bounces the ball. Irfan is definitely looking to get back into the Pakistan national team in the limited over cricket.

Irfan was facing issues with his fitness in the past. Though he said that he was not unfit but we all saw how he had to go out from the ground after he failed to bowl further against England in the final ODI. This even frustrated Arthur as well.

But now it seems that Irfan is 100% fit. He is bowling some hostile spells in Quaid E Azam trophy. A few wickets from him can be seen here. He is bowling and bouncing the ball thus making it a lot difficult for the batters. These two tried to save their faces and at the end they ended up hitting gloves to the ball.

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