Mohammad Irfan dangerous bowling, Quaid E Azam Trophy 2016

Mohammad Irfan fitness is a mystery in Pakistan cricket. He was playing domestic cricket in Pakistan when Pakistan was playing ODI series against England. Irfan was asked to report to the team and he went to England to play the final ODI.

Now in that game he failed to complete his 10 overs quota. After that he was sent back to Pakistan by the Pakistan coach Mickey Arthur. He was not fit as per the coach. Upon his returning to Pakistan Irfan said that he was not injured and unfit.

But we all know Irfan has been struggling with injury issues. His body structure is pretty fragile to injuries. At the moment he is fit and bowling in the Quaid E Azam trophy. He is taking wicket sin almost every game.

Irfan here is seen bowling some brutal bouncers to a couple of batters. The first one gets the ball on his hand and scoops it up to the slip fielders. This was a nasty ball. After hitting the glove the ball hit the shoulder of the batsman as well. The second batsman got the same delivery. The ball hit the grip part of the bat and was caught by the slip fielder as well. Irfan is going well here.

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