Sameen Gul huge swing bowling for UBL

Sameen Gul is a new name in the Pakistan domestic cricket. He is playing the Quaid E Azam trophy 2016 for United Bank Limited (UBL). Gul is fantastic bowler. He generates a lot of swing and even on wickets which are considered as batting friendly.

In the last game which UBL played Gul picked up 8 wickets in the innings. This one is the glimpse of what he did to the batters. This ball has massive swing behind it. It was not pitched fuller to generate heavy swing.

This ball was pitched in a good length area. From there Gul was able to swing the ball. Mostly the bowler pitch the ball up if they want to swing the ball a lot. Here the ball was pitched near the middle of the pitch and still came in a long way.

The ball went in between the bat and pad and hit the stumps. Now writing about the swing on this ball cannot deliver the amount which the ball had. Only one can look at this and determine how much the ball moved in the air. Bowlers like Gul are the future of Pakistan cricket. They need to be groomed at a young age so that they can get success in international cricket.

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