Sameen Gul massive swing bowling

In the ongoing Quaid E Azam trophy, Sameen Gul from UBL is making a lot of vibes. The tall fast bowler is currently making havoc in the batting rows of different team. The UBL bowler picked up eight wickets in the last innings he played.

Gul is a swing bowler and he is a right arm one as well. So finally Pakistan has got a right arm fast bowler who has got pace and can bowl fast as well. In the past we have seen the majority of the fast bowlers emerging are left arm.

Gul here is seen bowling to a batsman in the last innings he played. The swing he generates is massive. One can only look at it to know how much movement Gul generates with the ball. He certainly is a pro in this field.

The ball was pitched in the middle of the pitch. It was not full and yet the ball curved back in a lot. This is no ordinary swing here. It was huge and the batsman was clearly left stunned. His bat was no way near to the line of the ball. The ball came in went through his bat and pad and knocked out the stumps. It was as simple as that for Gul.

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