Amazing batting technique by 3 year old kid

We have seen young players in cricket at all the levels. But this one here is quite an exception. This is a three year old kid who is seen batting in the nets. Now that is an age when you don’t have any idea about playing cricket and yet this kid is doing it.

You hardly remember you memories when you were three years old. On the other hand this kid knows about the art of batting in the nets. He is very young and we can see him fumbling a lot of times but then again a few shots were impressive.

We can hear his coach saying that the kid was not in a good mood when he came in to bat. May be he missed out his candies or something but then after hitting a few balls, his happiness came back. He missed out the first ball here.

It was a yorker and obviously the kid had little idea about playing this one. The next shot was a perfect straight hit. This ball hit the middle of his little bat. The best thing about his batting technique was his back lift. It was almost parallel to his belly. But that was not causing any hurdles in his batting. He was playing his shots freely.

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