Brett Lee 152 kmph bouncer to Shoaib Akhtar

Shoaib Akhtar are best of friends and they were fearsome cricketing rivals back in their playing days. Shoaib and Lee both had some expressive and dangerous pace and they have ruled the world because of the lethal fast bowling.

This is one of those time when Shoaib had the bat in his hands and Lee was bowling thunderbolts at him. The speedsters had a good moment when Lee bounced Shoaib. This ball was bowled at the speed of over 152 kmph and it made Shoaib jump off his feet.

This was a really good one from Lee. He ran in fast and hit an excellent length. Now this ball was banged in the middle of the pitch and it went zipping near Shoaib’s nose. Now the Pakistani fast bowler had this idea of a short ball coming towards his nose any time soon.

He jumped in the air and then moved he head back. The ball went to the Australian wicket keeper Adam Gilchrist collected the ball over his head and as soon as he saw Shoaib he had a huge smile on his face. Not only he but Shoaib himself and Brett Lee were all smiles as well. Shoaib was on the ground after the ball went past his nose. He could not keep his balance and fell on the pitch. This was just because of the pace, line and length of this ball. It was bowled with an excellent precision by the Australian fast bowler.

Now Shoaib did had his moments against Lee as well. Once he tried to bowl a yorker and that turned out to be a full toss that hit Lee on the rib cage. That was a very nasty blow for Lee and it took him time to recover from this hit. Also there were many other instances when the two showed each other how fast they were.

In the world cup 2011, Shoaib, Lee and Tait were the three pace bowlers who were grouped as the most dangerous ones. Lee and Tait represented Australia while Shoaib was with the Pakistan team. Pakistan won their first game against Australia. That was a brilliant game for Pakistan. They rattled out Australia on a low score in the first innings. Pakistan did lose some early wickets but then managed to take the game away. Pakistan went to the semi finals while Australia could only make it through to the quarter finals. Pakistan was defeated by arch rivals India in the semifinals. That too was a pretty close game.

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