Shahid Afridi takes a wicket in National ODI cup 2016

Shahid Afridi has taken his first video of the National ODI cup 2016. Afridi who is playing his first game today for the HBL immediately struck and picked up a wicket. Afridi give away 42 runs in his quota of 10 overs in today’s game.

The batsman was not fully confident against Afridi here. He was not been able to middle the ball properly and as a result he went out for a big hit to ease out the pressure. The ball hit the edge of the bat and went straight to long on and the fielder took the catch easily.

Afridi started his bowling after the field restrictions was lifted. He was playing his first game and hence wanted his body to adjust to the game and conditions. Afridi has been bowling well in the limited overs cricket. He is not part of the ODI squad.Now as per the reports this Sui Gas team was not been able to play Afridi confidently at the start. He was bowling quick ad turning the ball as well. This ball was a beauty and deserved a wicket. The bowler did all the right things. Afridi knew that the batter was facing issues in facing him.

So bowled a lot of variations to this batter and he was not picking up any of them from the middle. Afridi was playing his lien and length all the time. The ball was not spinning much but at the same time the ball was making issues for the batter.

Afridi kept his bowling in the right channel. The batsman then got frustrated and tried to give Afridi a charge and hit the ball straight over the longer on fielder. Now this was a poor choice of shot. The ball was not in his zone and despite of managing it on the leg side he went for big shot. The ball hit the bat no way close to the middle. It went straight up. The fielder came underneath this one and caught the ball. This helped Afridi take his first wicket. This was the only wicket which Afridi took in today’s game. He bowled ten overs and give just 42 runs. This shows that Afridi is in a great bowling form. He is bowling well, containing runs and getting wickets. For any bowler this I the prime thing to do. Afridi needs one last game and he should be given one. But it seems PCB does not think on the same lines. They want him go now.

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