Azhar Ali run out, 3rd Test Australia 2016

Pakistan could have been in a really good position had Azhar Ali not been so keen in watching the ball rather than his partner. When Azhar Ali got out, Pakistan started to crumble and they are still in the same phase. Another sixty plus runs required to avoid the follow on.

Azhar Ali run out was a total mix up. Younis wanted a single and it was his call. Azhar was pretty busy in watching the ball and reacted late. Starc throw was right on the money and the part time wicket keeper Handscomb did the rest. Azhar was not even close here.

This was a flighted ball outside the off stump from the off spinner Nathan Lyon. Younis drove the ball to the left of short mid-wicket and immediately called for a single. Now Azhar was watching and waiting for the ball to pass the fielder. That was his first mistake. He stutter at that point. Now when the ball passed the fielder and could have easily let Azhar complete the single, he stooped in the middle again. Now when you apply the brakes twice on such chances then you are always out, always.

There was no chance left for Azhar here as well. Starc picked up the ball and threw it flat to the wicket keeper. Handscomb had all the time in the world to just collect the ball and rips the bails off. Azhar was not even in the picture here. He was gone for all his money.

The fault was with Azhar. There is a simple rule in cricket. When a batsman plays a ball to areas which are behind him like short third man or short fine leg then it is the runner who makes a call for a possible run. Now if the ball is hit behind to areas where the runner stands the call option goes to the batter.

Here Younis was right in making a call for a single and if Azhar had found this one risky then his job was to just shout a big no to Younis. He did not. He was waiting for the ball to pass the first fielder which was not a bad move. But the way he stutter in the middle for the second time made him late. Had he not stopped there then there was a possible chance that he would have made it. Pakistan since his departure was as gloomy as the Sydney weather. A lot of wickets have been lost and they are far behind the runs.

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