Brendon McCullum bat goes whack, BBL 2016

Another day and another bat breaks into two pieces. This time it is none other but former New Zealand captain Brendon McCullum who broke his bat and the interesting thing is that he almost got a boundary on this hits. The Brisbane Heat batter was playing against the Perth Scorchers and the game was in the hands of the Brisbane Heat. They needed 31 runs of just 45 balls. Now in T20 this is one of the easiest targets. The Brisbane Heat had wickets in hand as well.

McCullum was batting and smashing everything coming his way. He has played with this style throughout his whole life. He is one of the most destructive T20 batsmen in the world. He does not play international cricket but the franchise T20 cricket still sees him which is a good thing.

This was a low full toss from the bowler. This ball was outside the off stump and it was right in the hitting zone for McCullum and he did gave it everything. The ball hit the toe of the bat and this broke the bat into two pieces. The ball went over the head of the bowler.

This was stuck hard the ball almost went for a four. It was fielded right at the boundary line and McCullum just took a single. It would have been tight for him had he gone for a second because he was not carrying the full bat.

The grip portion was in the hands of the Brisbane batsman while the thick wooden piece was lying on the ground. The bat broke from the splice area. It is one of the weakest portion on a bat. Most of the bat breaks down from this place. Even the bat makers don’t hit the mallet on this particular area.

McCullum is in a red hot form with the bat these days. He has been hitting the ball hard and long and after this BBL 2016 saga he will be seen in action at the Pakistan Super League (PSL) 2016. He will be leading the Lahore Qalandars in the event taking place at Dubai. This is a great news for the PSL fans. McCullum is local favorite in this part of the world. A lot of local cricket players and watchers are his fans and they are happy and some of them even have changed their sides for the second edition of PSL. They are all now supporting Lahore side just for the love of McCullum. This is the love of cricket in this country.

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