Sarfraz hits Renshaw on the helmet, 3rd Test 2016

Australia opener Renshaw today another hit on the helmet and again he was lucky that no serious damage was done to him. Renshaw this time got the hit from the bat of Sarfraz. Earlier it was Mohammad Amir who hit him with a bouncer.

Sarfraz swept the ball and Renshaw came in the line of the shot. He was fielding at short fine leg. The play was stopped as the Australian physio came running in. he wanted to check if Renshaw was feeling ok. Sarfraz made an apology to the Australian batsman.

Renshaw must have been feeling really lucky. He was stuck on the helmet twice and each time the helmet got the beating and Renshaw survived the blows. Mohammad Amir jolted the Australian opener with a ripper in the first innings. That bowled was bowled at a high pace and the accuracy was precise here. Renshaw was stuck to the crease and his jump could not get him out of the way of the ball. This hit even tilted the grill portion of his helmet. Renshaw did not get into any trouble after it.

Now today Sarfraz swept the ball really hard and this one again hit the middle of the bat and this time the back of the helmet let the ball hit it. Renshaw was standing with his helmet in his hand. Once again he was there telling everyone that he was all ok.

Sarfraz went to the Australian player and asked him about his health and also apologized for the shot. This was a great gesture shown by the Pakistan’s wicket keeper batsman. Renshaw did spent some minutes with the physio before continuing with the game. He did pretty well.

As for the game, Australia are getting stronger in each session. They have runs on the board and they have taken 8 wickets from the Pakistan batting attack as well. Younis Khan finally came amongst the runs maker. He scored a magnificent hundred for his side in the first innings. He is still batting on 137.

Pakistan problems are not reducing at all. Their bowling has been a flop show in Australian which is a surprise factor. We have seen Pakistani bowlers getting wickets on good bowling pitches but here so far they have failed to do the same. You can get the idea here that Mohammad Amir has four wickets in the 5 innings he has played and part timer Azhar Ali has 2. So the difference is not that much between the two. Pakistan will have to fight big.

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