Younis Khan massive six on 92, 3rd test 2016 Australia

When most of the batsmen struggle and went to lands of vast nervousness in the 90s in a test innings. Younis Khan was courageous enough to use his feet against a spinner who was turning the ball and rammed for him a huge six.

Younis was on 92 runs when he went down the track against Lyon and dispatched him over one of the longest boundaries at the SCG. The Australians like this shot and the whole crowd gave Younis a clapping for his courage and the shot execution.

It has been a superb knock from the Pakistani veteran. We saw the same thing happening to him in England. He was struggling and was not been able to get runs. Three test matches Younis did not even get a fifty and then boom. He hit a match winning double ton in the fourth.

Now here it is a similar kind of a story. Younis just got one fifty in the first two test matches and now in the third he has hit a hundred in the opening innings. Another great knock from the Pakistani middle order batting giant. Younis let the Aussies have a taste of their medicines.

This knock was special. A hundred in Australia for an Asian player is always something he remembers his entire life. These tracks here in Australia are not made for the Asian players. The ball bounces a lot and bounce is something which the Asian batters are not good at.

Younis Khan did not spend much of his time in the 90s. Most of the batsmen did get stuck in the 90s. Many of them even fall out as well. The pressure is always there of the 90s no matter how big player you are in any format of cricket. Test cricket has intensity. There was no pressure on Younis however.

Most of the batsmen take singles and doubles in the 90s but Younis had some other plans. The moment Lyon gave him flight Younis was out of his crease to the pitch of the ball and then he just smoked this one over the top towards long on. There was no fielder present in the deep though this would have been over his head if he was there. It was a six and Younis moved to 98 from 92. This was a courageous shot from the Pakistani batsman. It may look easy but in reality it was not. There are millions of thoughts running through your mind when you are about to reach some milestone.

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