Asif points out Amir’s bowling issues

Mohammad Asif has pointed out the mistakes of Amir in his recent interview. He said that there is a big bowling flaw which Amir is making and that is not giving him wickets. He said that Amir is bowling wider the crease and that is wrong.

He said that in the start he use to bowl close to the stumps and as a result he used to pick up a lot of wickets. But now he has changed it and that is why he is not getting the ball in the right areas. He said that Amir has to think on this problem.Mohammad Asif was part of a TV sports show with a sports journalist. He was asked about his old bowling partner with whom he once rattled Australia for just 88 runs in test match. Asif said that there is no bog issue in Amir’s bowling.

He said that first of all he would like to say that he is unlucky. He has bowled wicket taking balls in his test rebirth so far. But the problem is that most of the time either the ball passes the bat untouched or it ends up being a catch drop.

Asif said that he admits in England catching is not that easy. The ball wobbles in the air and hence you have to like keep your eye on the ball till the last moment. Asif said that in other parts of the cricket playing nations, the conditions are different.

He said that once in a test match which he was playing in England, eleven catches were spilled out by the Pakistani players. Asif said that Pakistani players are not prone to field under this much humidity and ball movement. As for Amir his reach at the crease in the factor.

Asif said that in the past when Amir used to bowl he was way too much close to the stumps. That gave him a lot of swing. The banana shape which we used to see from him on the ball was due to it. Now he bowls a little bit away from the stumps and the results are that he does not produce that wicket taking swing. He does swings the ball but we have seen that the movement is not that much huge now. This is why the batsman don’t feel issues in playing his swing now. Asif said that someone has to go to him and tell him this. There is a bowling coach as well in the team. He should do this job and let Amir know about it.

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