Batsman hit 20 Runs on 1 Ball in BBL

Big Bash League is one of the best source of Entertainment for all the lover of Cricket. There are many hard hitters playing in Big Bash League. Almost every season of Big Bash League is very exciting for the viewers. People enjoy the sixes and fours in Big Bash League.

In the previous season of the Big Bash League batsman created a unique record by hitting 20 runs on 1 ball. The bowler commentators and all the players were shocked at this. The batsman hit fastest fifty after hitting 20 runs in 1 ball. The sixes that he smashed was also very huge.

Birt was the batter here and poor McKay who was bowling well this time could not get thing right. The first ball was good but it was on the leg side and Birt just hit this one from the middle of the bat over the deep backward square leg for a huge six.

This was a massive hit and he way Birt played this one was absolutely brilliant. It was a length ball and Birt bent his front knee and picked it up. It was a pick up shot that went out to be a massive one. The commentators like this a lot here.

The next ball was a full toss over the waist height and Birt once again dispatched this one for a six. This was right up there. A very easy shot for Birt. No batsman in the T20 cricket misses such balls. They are bound to hit good balls for sixes and this one was just a bad ball.This was a no ball so the next ball was a free hit. McKay was already under pressure after getting two sixes from the Hobart Hurricanes batter. He went for a normal length ball outside the off stump to chase something but nothing changed for him and Birt.

The one again went over the fence and outside the ground for the third consecutive six. That six put the heads down in the ground as far as Melbourne Stars were concerned. McKay was their best bowler and he was being hammered for sixes. Every team comes into pressure if their main bowler is hit for such big sixes. Three ball three sixes for Birt here. He was just standing and delivering. The first six was a hard shot to execute but the next two were pretty easy balls for a batsman like Birt. McKay had his hands on his hips after the third six. Everything he was trying was falling apart courtesy to some brutal hitting from Birt.

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