Lynn five sixes in an over, BBL

Chris Lynn in the last season of the BBL hit one of the biggest overs in history of the league. Lynn hit five consecutive sixes to the Melbourne Stars bowler Hilfenhaus. It was a massive over for Lynn. He absolutely nailed this one down with his powerful hitting.

Lynn hit three sixes on the leg side and two absolutely straight. It was one of the best innings he has played so far. Lynn has been in destructive form in the BBL and even in the latest edition he is going out really good. Lynn certainly is one of the best players in the Brisbane Heat side.

The first six was on the leg side against a short ball. Lynn was already in position against this one and the moment the ball reached his arc, he swung this one into the stands on the deep mid-wicket fence. The way he played this was an absolute treat to watch. Hilfenhaus then altered his length but not the line. Next ball was much fuller in length and Lynn picked this one over the long on fence. This was another big hit. The ball was right there to be hit and Lynn hit this one pretty strongly.

This was then followed by a juicy ball on the leg side. Now Lynn who played two great shots earlier never would have miss this one. This ball again went on the leg side. This was the third big hit of the over. This was not that much hard shot to hit for Lynn. Lynn after hitting these two shots on the leg side hit the last two of the over straight over the head of the bowler. The first ball was a slow ball outside the off stump and Lynn picked this one the moment the ball was released from the hand.

He waited for the ball to come in zone again and this one landed into the sight screen. This was one of the best shots in the over. The way he picked this one up showed that he was watching the ball really well. Lynn has been performing a lot in the BBL. The last ball was a flat batted six. This went as flat as one can imagine. The ball was full and Lynn hit it hard. It was an absolute belter from the Brisbane Heat batsman. Hilfenhaus conceded thirty runs in that over. The Melbourne Stars bowler had no idea on where to pitch the ball against the right hander. It was some amazing hitting from Lynn.

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