Shahid Afridi stresses on academies to flourish cricket

Shahid Afridi once again has put stress on the building of academies throughout Pakistan. He said that there are only the academies that can help cricket being flourished in this country. He said that he has been speaking about academies for many years now.

Afridi said that he has played 20 years of cricket. He has been around for so many years and yet when he has to make some practice there is no academy in Karachi where he can go. He said that there is one academy in Pakistan and that is in Lahore. The NCA runs under the authority of PCB. Apart from that one academy there is no other that is there to help the young cricketers. Shahid Afridi said that now the PC has started to do something about the academies which is a good sign.

Afridi said that at the moment one academy is being opened in Karachi. Then there is one in Multan now. He said that he feels all the cities of Pakistan should have academies. There are so many young kids playing cricket now. You never know what level of talent they have got.

Afridi said that he believes these academies are like schools. If you want to study and take education you go to a school. Same is the case here. If you want to learn cricket and play it in a much better way then you have to get to an academy.

Afridi said that he had to move to Lahore to practice for the World T20. He said that there was no place for him to practice and that is him he is talking about, one player who has played for so many years in international cricket. Afridi said that the whole Punjab is there present at the Lahore academy.

Afridi said that there are less chances that Pakistan might give results if the facilities are not thee. He said that the board has to put money on the facilities. This is the only way possible that one can flourish cricket. Afridi said that he has seen a lot in his cricketing career and he feels that without facilities there is no way the cricket can work longer. Pakistan is doing well despite the availability of less resources. Think about the results if there are resources. Afridi said that he has been talking all these things for too long now. The board should take notice of all these things and they have to give money to the needy places for the sake of cricket.

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