Sharjeel Khan Blitz against Australia, 3rd Test 2016

As expected Sharjeel Khan played a good knock against Australia in the third test. This is the maiden test match for Sharjeel and he played well in the second innings. Sharjeel could not get much in the first innings but the second innings was good for him.

Sharjeel attacked the off spinner Lyon. He played his shots against the spinner hitting him for some good boundaries. But in the end it was Lyon who took his wicket. But Sharjeel looked promising. He can be tried out as a test opener in place of Sami Aslam.

Sharjeel started with a cut on the off side against Starc. This ball was outside the off stump and he easily cu the ball through the gap on the deep third man and easily got his first boundary. The second one was again on the off side and against the same bowler. This ball was much easy for Sharjeel. It was a full toss on the off side and Sharjeel just placed the ball on the off side. There was no problem for him to hit the ball here. Full toss in any format is one of the easiest shots in the world.

Then Sharjeel started hitting the ball against Lyon the off spinner. The first hit was over long on. This was a flighted ball and Sharjeel picked it up over the infield. The ball was there to be hit and Sharjeel just hit it with all the ease. He is really strong against the spinners.

The next shot was again on the same side and this time the ball landed into the stands. Again Lyon gave the ball some air and Sharjeel went after it straight away. He reached the pitch of the all and whacked it over long on for a huge six. The next shot was a beautiful one. Sharjeel just lofted the ball on the off side with the spin. Lyon was turning the ball and still Sharjeel hit it with the spin which is only easy while talking about it. In reality it is pretty much tough shot. Sharjeel after hitting all these shots got out.

Sharjeel this time tried to whip a length ball on the leg side and Sharjeel did hit it well but straight into the hands of Warner at mid-wicket. This was an unfortunate end to an entertaining knock from the left hander. He really played well and could have easily hit some more runs. Pakistan loses their first wicket in the second innings. They need massive runs again.

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