Usman Khawaja fifty celebrations falls in debate

Usman Khawaja has hit his 8th test fifty today and his celebrations have lit up a debate now. It has become a viral entity on the social media but then again there are some who are praising him and some who are after him with a lot of words.

Usman Khawaja hit a dib style celebration though it was not a repeating one. It was just a single dib and his team mates enjoyed that. Now there are people who feel that he should have not done this. It was against the ethics of the game. But there seems no harm in it.Australia dominates the test match again here at the SCG. They have been doing all the things right. They have batted well in the first innings. Their bowling was good as well. They did not let Pakistan get to a comfortable total and now they are smashing everything.

The first innings started with the blitz of Warner and so does the second one. A fifty for Warner on mere 25 plus balls and that scattered Pakistan. The bowling looks really poor. There are hardly any words to describe the dullness of this bowling attack from Pakistan.

Usman Khawaja came in as the second opener. Renshaw did not come out to bat as Australia wanted to hit some fast paced runs. Khawaja hit his shots through out the park. The Australians absolutely destroyed the leg spinner Yasir Shah. The left handers hit him to their liking. This was pretty much discouraging for the leg spinner and now it would take him time to get back into the game. This beating is one of those which hurt you mentally a lot. Pakistan bowling has lost his kill in Australia for sure.

Khawaja did his best to make sure he gets amongst the runs. The shot he played to get to his fifty was a sweep against Yasir Shah. This was another powerful shot which beat the fielder in the race to the fence. There was a man deployed in the deep for this kind of a shot but he was not given any time to even reach near the ball. Khawaja hits dib and raises his bat. That was it, a fifty under his belt and Pakistan slipping towards more trouble. This was the bowling attack which many of the fans thought will give Australia nightmare but that did not happen. In fact it is the opposite we have seen so far since the test series has started. The Pakistan bowling attack faded with each innings.

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