Melbourne Stars fails to finish an easy game, BBL 2016

Another important game for Melbourne Stars and they have failed to finish it off again. They are not out of the tournament yet but they have to win games in the future. Stars had the game in their hand but they lost it in the final two overs.

They needed average runs as per the T20 averages and the batsman did hit boundaries in the last two overs. Those boundaries put the opposition in pressure as well but then Stoinis could not get the finals runs there. He had the perfect ball to be hit presented to him as well.

In the last two overs it was Stoinis for the Stars. It had to be him because he was batting well and he did made some runs earlier. There was pressure on both the teams. The Adelaide Strikers were also under pressure for their final two overs. Stoinis did get a few balls in the second last over which he should have been hit for boundaries. He converted just one of them. It was a good shot on the off side. The ball was in his range and he smashed this one though the gap.

The off side was packed with fielders from the Strikers captain and yet the ball managed to hit the fence. It was the power with which Stoinis hit this one. It was a ruthless hot for sure. The ball did not take time to hit the boundary triangle. Stoinis got a few length balls which he failed to hit from the middle of the bat. If he had hit them for boundaries the Stars should have been home early and safely. But he could not and the game went to the final over of the match.

Now in the final over again he did get his opportunities. His partner was just interested in getting a single and giving the strike back to Stoinis. Now this was a very much rational approach from the partner. He knew that he cannot hit a miracle. So he should let Stoinis deal with it. This was a safe play. Now Stoinis even hit one boundary in that over as well. It was a full toss which he hit over the leg side this time. No one misses a full toss in T20 cricket. It is a certain boundary shot. Stoinis did it and hit the ball and got the runs. But he needed one more boundary in the over. The last ball was another big full toss and this time Stoinis could not convert this one into a boundary.

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