Saeed Anwar first ODI wicket in cricket

Saeed Anwar has been known as the best ODI opener for Pakistan in the history. He was one of the most stylish left arm batters in the Pakistan team. Saeed Anwar is known for his batting but not many people know that he started his career as left arm off spinner.

Saeed has 6 ODI wickets in his career. This one here of Tom Moody. This also was the first wicket for Saeed Anwar in Australia. Saeed Anwar stumped Tom Moody. The Australian gave Saeed a charge and Saleem Yousaf made him stumped. Saeed was over the moon taking this wicket.

It was a crucial moment for Pakistan. Imran Khan the great Imran Khan was leading the Pakistan side. He needed a wicket at that stage. Moody was known for his hard hitting in those times. Imran wanted him out as soon as possible. He threw the ball to Saeed Anwar. Imran knew that Saeed can bowl off spin and he was left hander. Imran knew that if Saeed gets some spin then he would be dangerous for the two right handers. The plan worked for Imran Khan, he surely was a cricketing genius.

Saeed bowled a normal length ball. Moody was already out of his crease before the ball was even bowled. Saeed most probably saw him coming out and as a result he banged this one short and outside the off stump. This ball turned just a fraction.

There was not a big movement or spin on this ball, just a little bit and that did the trick for Saeed. Moody could not control his shot. He failed to get to the pitch of the ball and this one beat him outside the off stump. He was so far away that Saleem Yousaf had all the time in the world to just grab the ball and hit the wickets down.

Saleem did exactly that. He stumped Moody and the celebrations were there then after. It was a really great ball from the Pakistani opener. Imran Khan was happy that his plan worked out pretty well. Saeed Anwar was a great player and there is no doubt about it. He gave Pakistan a lot of wins. He was one of those openers who used to hit the ball hard in the opening half of the game. The deep field was empty in the first 15 overs and Saeed used to convert this to his advantage. He tend to get a lot of boundaries by hitting the ball in the gas. He was a maestro of the off side.

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