Sharjeel test cap wearing gets funny, 3rd test 2016

Sharjeel Khan made his test debut for Pakistan in the third game of the series. He could not get much runs in the first innings but in the second he did hit some gutsy innings. He could have easily gone on but eventually got caught out to Lyon.

Earlier when he was given the test cap, things became a little funny. The cap was in a small size while Sharjeel’s head was much bigger than it and it was Azhar Mahmood who helped him wear it from the behind. English player Michael Vaughan and Graeme Swann even gave some funny statements on this incident as well.

When Sharjeel Khan was given the test cap the Pakistan team manager and former selector and player Wasim Bari put the cap on his head. Now the cap was small in size and hence it was clearly stuck at the top of his head. Wasim did not push it further. Azhar Mahmood the bowling coach was standing behind Sharjeel and he helped him getting it fixed on the head. Azhar pulled the cap down from behind and helped it adjust on the head of the new opener. Sharjeel was all smile knowing that it was a huge moment for him.

Michael Vaughan and Swann have spoken on this funny incident. As per Vaughan it was very funny to see how Sharjeel was struggling with his cap. If it was not Azhar then it would have been really hard for him to just get along with this cap. Swann has tweeted saying that he hopes that Sharjeel gets a bigger helmet and not to the size of his cap else he would be in real trouble to have it. Sharjeel did get a bigger helmet and he may have changed his cap as well. It was really tight for him.

Sharjeel Khan’s induction in the Pakistan side has proved out to be a good decision. Sami Aslam was not been able to get runs. He was struggling in England. He could not get things right in the UAE and now even in Australia he failed in the first two tests. Sharjeel hit the ball hard in the second innings and he was looking confident. So there is a strong chance that he will continue to bat for Pakistan in the upcoming test series. He is already part of the ODI and T20 squad. Pakistan bowling is something which needs to be improved. They could not get much wickets even on bouncy tracks in Australia which is really unfortunate.

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