Wahab Riaz gets a controversial out, 3rd test 2016

Wahab Riaz was not happy when he had to leave the field been given caught behind. The on field umpire gave him not out but Australian wicket keeper Wade was pretty confident that he has nicked this. It was Wade who pursued the Australian skipper to go for the review.

This was pretty controversial. There was no spot on the bat or gloves in the hot spot. Then even in the snicko meter there was a little readings but that too came when the ball passed the edge of the bat. Now Wahab’s bat might have hit the pad or ground.O’ Keefe was the bowler and he only took interest once Wade made a huge shout. Now when Wade caught this ball he immediately went up. He was right about a sound which came from something as the ball passed the defensive bat from Wahab.

Now Wahab was relaxed that he did not hit it at all. He was certain and even became a lot easy when the on field umpire did not give him out. The ball did went past the bat but the umpire did not hear any sound coming out of the bat. O’ Keefe got involved in the appeal when he saw Wade going up. Smith was reluctant to go for the review but Wade forced him with all his confidence about this one. Wahab Riaz was standing with his partner Sarfraz looking at all the proceeding. He did not move a lot.

The decision went to the third umpire. Now first game the hot spot technology. There was nothing on the bat and glove. Not even a smallest of dot was seen in the hot spot technology. That cleared this round for Wahab Riaz easily.

After the bat and gloves were cleared in the hot spot technology, the snicko meter came up. Now on the snicko meter there was a very little disturbance in the line showing that there was a sound present. But if you look closely the sound came when the ball went past the bat. In the second frame we could see the disturbance but at the same time the ball had gone past the bat. This showed that Wahab Riaz did not hit the ball but the sound came from something else. Now the third umpire because of this disturbance gave Wahab Riaz out. The Pakistani pace bowler could not believe it. He has a chat with the umpire as he left the ground. Wahab did not look satisfy with this decision at all.

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