Game On Hai panel criticizes Misbah Ul Haq latest remarks

Pakistani captain Misbah Ul Haq has landed himself in hot waters. Now either he never wanted to make this statement or the meaning of his words were taken wrongly, but he is being highly criticized for the statement he made after the third test loss.

Misbah in his presser said that Pakistan had one of the best teams back in 1999 and still they lost to Australia. So if his young side has faced the same results then there is no big deal. Now technically he was right but then again the media needs something to fry.

Now there is no doubt that Pakistan team did not play well at all. They could have easily managed at least two wins in the three match test series. Pakistan in the first test lost the game by just thirty nine runs. It was a really close game and Pakistan did gather a lot of support and respect in that game. They were chasing 492 runs and name over 450 in the second innings. After this came the bad times for Pakistan. They lost the second and third test pretty badly. On both occasions Pakistan lost the game on the final day of the match.

They could have easily saved these two games. The interesting thing is that on both occasions they had plenty of wickets in hand. So the fault was theirs at the end. Misbah at the presser said that he found positives in the series and he is not that much disappointed with the results.

Now comes the debate. Misbah said that Pakistan had some big names back in 1999 when the side made a tour to this part of the world and still they lost all the three test games. Now Misbah was not wrong in this words. He was right in saying that he as per many fans was not hiding or justifying his mistakes.

As for the criticism, the game on hai panel needs to see the whole situation. They are right to some extent but at the same time Misbah is right in his words as well. So there was no need to go this much harsh on him. The batting and bowling both failed for the Asian side and this happens to the Asian sides often when they make a tour to Australia. There are a few exceptions as well. Like Azhar Ali scored a lot of runs in the series. The bowling failed and that is the worry sign for Pakistan. They need wickets to win test games.

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