Kohli praises Wasim Akram on his new video

Virat Kohli has praised the former skipper of Pakistan Wasim Akram. Kohli was delighted upon the launch of the Wasim Akram’s new perfume. He said that Wasim Akram was a legend with the ball and his swing bowling capabilities were amazing.

Kohli further said that he would have liked to be a part of the show as well. But as his own commitments are pretty much so he could not attend the event. But he wished all the success to Wasim Akram and his new range of perfume.Virat Kohli started with message with the usual way Muslims greet each other. That was a pretty good thing to start with from Kohli. He knows that a lot of cricket fans are in Pakistan and many of them like him a lot as well. Kohli is popular in Pakistan as well.

After this he congratulated Wasim Akram on the opening of his new fragrance. Kohli is in message said that he was always inspired by the bowling Wasim Akram used to do. In fact in a recent interview when Kohli was asked about one bowler who he feels could give him a lot of troubles, he answered Wasim Akram. There were and are many bowler sin cricket history who have a name in the game but Kohli fears no one other than Wasim Akram. What he spoke of him that day is what he has said in this message. The swing from Wasim Akram and only the swing.

Wasim was quick. Like many other bowlers he had some serious pace but the one thing which made him different from the others was the swing. Wasim used to swing the ball a lot. He was one of the biggest swinger of cricket ball. By this we mean with both new and old ball his swing was huge.

Kohli said that Wasim Akram is a legend and he is very much thankful to him that he sent him the gift of the new fragrance. Wasim Akram named the new fragrance 414 which is the total number of his test wickets. This idea of the bottle shows us that the fragrance is all about cricket. The bottle has a very decent shape. It is like a cricket ball. Wasim Akram was present at the launch in Karachi. There was a lot of other show biz personalities present in the event. Wasim gifted the perfume to all of them at the event. Wasim is coming into the business world as well. He is having some major plans here.

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