O’ Connor takes a brilliant catch of Sangakkara, BBL 2016

Hobart Hurricanes batsman Kumar Sangakkara is not having a good season in the BBL so far. The former Sri Lankan veteran has not scored big runs in the event so far. He is behind than the rest of the batters. Sangakkara in the last game got out to a brilliant catch.

The Adelaide Strikers fielder O’ Connor took a ripper at backward square leg. It was a fantastic catch by all accounts. The ball was pulled from the middle of the bat. There was not much time for the fielder to react and yet he managed it perfectly.

Sanga has played well in this format for Sri Lanka as well as for the other T20 franchises. There are hardly any T20 league in which he is not present. He is part of the major teams in major leagues. He carries a lot of reputation in the game. He is the highest runs getter for Sri Lanka. He is one of the top five runs gets in history of world cricket. So when it comes to batting this left hander knows it very well. He has dominated the scenes of cricket for a very-very long time.

Sangakkara here was pretty confident of his shot. The ball was pitched short to him. It was one of those well directed short ball which come straight towards the face. Now despite this being a very good short ball, Sanga managed to hit it from the middle of his bat. This was a really good shot. The only issue was that the short fine leg fielder was standing more towards the backward square leg area. O’ Connor ran to his right thought he did not had to cover much distance. The ball was coming over his head like a thunder bolt.

The jump was the main aspect of this effort which enable O’ Connor to come snatch the ball over his head. He jumped at the right time and grabbed the ball with both his hands and then on the ground he went. Now his head did hit the ground while he landed but he did not get much of an injury. This was a pretty valiant effort from the Adelaide Strikers fielder. He impressed a lot of people in the crowd. His team mates were pretty much happy for the catch. Sanga just could not believe this one but he had to depart from the playing field. Adelaide Strikers are going well in the BBL and so is the Hobart Hurricanes. This year it is going to really tight between all the teams.

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