Fielder’s amazing catch and funny reaction, CPL

The Caribbean premier league is all about fun. There is batting stunts in the event. The bowling is pretty amazing and the fielding has been impressive as well. Here we see how a fielder took a brilliant catch and watch how he celebrated the catch.

This ball was hit miles in the air and the fielder had to cover a long distance to his left after starting his motion from long on. He judged this one to perfection and took this catch down. He was so happy about his effort that he took a bite at the ball.

The fielder was none other than South African star performer David Miller. Now Miller who was playing for the Zouks was stationed at long on. He is one of the best fielders in the game and hence Sammy deployed him to a critical position. Now this was a good hit from the batter only it did not travel all the way for a six. The shot went miles in the air. Miller had to run a long way to get under the ball. It was not that easy at all. The high catches in West Indies are not that easy.

There is always a breeze flowing as this part of the world is surrounded by beautiful waters. So the ball wobbles a lot when it goes high in the air. Miller did the right thing that the kept his eyes on the ball and did not let it disappear for even once.

He already made a huge call for the catch so he knew that there will be no other fielder running around for this catch. Miller went under the ball after running for some good distance and then took it with all the ease in the world. That was a stunning catch by all means.

Miller himself was so happy about the catch that he literally gave the ball a bite. His team mates soon gathered around him and they all celebrated this important wicket. The bowler was the happiest of them all. He knew that he has taken a very important wicket here. Sammy did the right thing as he deployed a spinner in that circumstances. He needed a wicket and only a spinner could have provided it to him. Sammy and a few other West Indians are the soul of current modern day T20 cricket. They are true players and also born leaders. Sammy definitely is ranked as one of the best players in T20. Miller comes from the same league as he is dangerous with the bat.

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