Peter Nevill gets the ball on his head, BBL 2016

Melbourne Renegades wicket keeper Peter Nevill managed to escape a serious injury when a throw from the deep hit his head. An uneven bounce right near the pitch made the ball went straight towards the head of the wicket keeper.

Nevill got the medical assistance in the field but before the physio reached him, it was pretty evident that he was not hurt that bad. The fielder who threw the ball towards him was very much worried as we could see his facial expression changing in an instance when he saw the ball hitting Nevill.

The game was being played between Melbourne Renegades and Sydney Sixers. Steven Smith was also present in the commentary box. He is part of the Sydney Sixers squad and has played previous seasons for them. This season Smith has not been able to join his BBL squad because of the national duties. He is playing against Pakistan and he has lead his side really well in the test series. Australia has completed a white wash against Pakistan after being thrashed by the South African side.

As for Nevill, it was the regular one bounce throw from the deep. The ball hit the ground near the pitch and then suddenly took an uneven bounce. Now Nevill could not react in time to this bouncer. His hands were down while the ball was coming towards his head. The ball hit the head of the Renegades wicket keeper and his cap dropped off from his head. Nevill did went on the ground but not for long. He soon picked himself up. Now the fielder who threw the ball was watching his throw right till the end.

His facial expressions changed the moment he saw the ball taking an uneven bounce and hitting Nevill on the head. Soon the whole Melbourne team was around Nevill. The physio was out. By that time Nevill stood on his feet. He was given the medical treatment and he then gave a thumbs up to the physio.

As per Smith the blow was pretty bad. Nevill could have gotten himself in real trouble. Smith also talked about his plans for the ODI and T20 series. He said that he and his boys are ready to take on Pakistan. He said that they are certain that Pakistan team will be under pressure and they will make mistakes and Australia’s job is to capitalize on these mistakes. This is the simplest thing which teams do to get a win. He said that Australia has gained confidence after the whitewash to Pakistan.

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