Shahid Afridi batting in Hong Kong Super Sixes

Shahid Afridi has played the famous Asian tournament the Hong Kong Super Sixes. Back in 2011 he was part of this event but he did not represent the Pakistan side. Interestingly Shahid Afridi was part of the world eleven in this tournament.

Pakistan had another team and they eventually won this tournament that year. Here we see the batting glimpses of Afridi in one of the match against New Zealand. Afridi smashed some huge sixes in his innings. There was a rain of sixes hit by Afridi that day.

Shahid Afridi first shot was over long on for a huge six. The left arm spinner tried to give the ball some flight and beat Afridi but that did not happen. Afridi used his feet to reach to the pitch of the ball and hit it massively over long on. The ball went out of the park. The next hit was on the leg side in the same over. This time the bowler did bowl a good ball and caused a little bit of problem for Afridi but this shot had enough power to take it flat over the boundary.

This one was faster in pace and darted towards the Afridi’s pads. Afridi was out of his crease again and had to adjust himself for this. It was a pick up shot that eventually went over the fence for a six. This was a solid blow from the Pathan.

This was the start of the show. The next one was hit straight over long on. This time Afridi got the ideal ball. It was a length ball pitched on the middle stump and Afridi did not miss this one. He heaved it over and straight out of the ground. Next hit from Afridi showed how much muscles he has got. This ball was short and right at the moment when Afridi was about to pull this one, he lost his right hand grip off the bat. He went with his shot and made the ball disappear into the tress on the leg side. Now that was some sheer power.

Shahid Afridi was inducted in the world eleven side for this purpose. He gave a lot of strength to the batting and bowling department of the side. There were other players like Gibbs, Vincent, Rudra, Chawla and a few more in this side. It was a mixture of multiple players gathered from all around the world. They had a strong team but eventually it was Pakistan who proved out to be the strongest of them all.

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