Yuvraj Singh angry during IPL game

Yuvraj Singh is one of the best in the modern day cricket. The left hander is struggling with his return to international cricket these days but when he used to play regularly, he was amongst the very best. He was the man of the series for India in the historic 2011 world cup.

Yuvraj is one of the best players in IPL as well. Here we see him getting angry on the people present in front of the sight screen. He is continuously asking them to just move aside and people are not getting to what he was saying to them.In one of the previous games in the IPL Yuvraj Singh got angry on the people sitting around near the sight screen. Yuvraj was clearly getting disturbed by the people present near the sight screen. He was seen gesturing them to get aside.

Now the people thought he was asking the cameraman to move his position who was some twenty feet to the left of the sight screen. So there was no way Yuvraj could have gestured him to get aside. First he was not there near the sight screen and second he was standing at the best place which is reserved for the cameramen. Yuvraj was playing a blinder that night hence a lag in concentration because of a person out of the field is something which every batsman minds. Yuvraj Singh even was seen speaking and trying to shout out at the person that he was talking to him.

After a lot of struggle finally the man was identified and he was asked to just move away. This is something which the people in Pakistan and India does a lot. They are always eager to watch the bat from the front. It gives a different and very much clear view about what is happening in the game. Hence there is always a lot of efforts made to get the seats which are at the long on and long area on both sides of the wicket.

Despite being one of the most expensive seats in the whole stadium, people are always seen running behind these seats. They don’t care much about the money. All they need is to get the best seat to enjoy the game. Now some of them then get themselves in front of the sight screen and create a scene like this man did with Yuvraj Singh. The person who was bothering Yuvraj was not shown here but he certainly irked Yuvraj Singh a lot and the Indian batter did not like it.

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