Dhoni goes all too strange to his fan

An Indian fan came running out the field just to have a handshake from Indian captain MS Dhoni and he also touched his feet as per the Hindu customs. These were some amazing scenes seen from a live game. Dhoni spotted the fan when he was running towards him.

The Indian captain did not do much and he was more like welcoming the fan. It was Dhoni who stretched his hand first to have a handshake with the Indian skipper. He then touched his feet before the security personals were all over him.The Indian skipper left the driving seat of the Indian team and now will play as a common player. The New Year for Indian team starts with this big news. Dhoni decided to leave his post and gave the chance to Virat Kohli who will now lead the side.

Here we see MS Dhoni batting against England and then all of a sudden a fan came running in from the leg side of the field. Dhoni saw him coming from a long way. He did not move as we once saw Andrew Symonds shouldering a fan in a live game.

Dhoni welcomed the fan and moved his right hand forward for hand shake. The fan did not shake his hand. He stopped near him and then straight away he touched his feet in respect. Now in a live match this has never happened before to any cricket player from India.

The umpire tried to move the fan away but the fan was in no mood to give away this opportunity this much easily. Before Dhoni could have done anything the security officials were onto the fan and they took him away. But by that time the fan had meet his wish.

Indian fans have now started to think about the team without their hero Dhoni. His recent decision to leave the captainship is indicating that he is about to take retirement from the limited overs cricket. It has been almost 12 years Dhoni is playing for India. The Indian fans never thought that one day he will have to hang his boots. That time is nearby and we all know there will be a wave of sentiments flowing across all India when Dhoni will quit the game. He is like a super hero to the Indian team and fans. His absence from cricket will surely be missed a lot. He is a charismatic figure and icon in cricket. Players like Dhoni are not easily born, raised and seen. He should be given a lot of respect.

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