Haris Sohail ready for some cricket action

Haris Sohail has finally managed to get fit. There was a time when he himself and many others became hopeless for his cricketing future. Haris jot injured with a knee problem. Then he operated his knee and that operation went horribly wrong.

Haris then had to get to England for special treatment. There another operation was carried out on his knee. That was a success and Haris started to recover. Now he is fully fit and will take part in a game against Malaysia. Haris will be part of the NCA side.

Haris made 119 runs with the bat and remained not out and then he shined with the ball as well. Haris took three wickets with the ball. This has been an incredible start for the young player. He is definitely a great prospect for Pakistan team. Haris in his interview after the game said that he was really happy and satisfied for the way he has played in this game. He admitted that he was under pressure and almost lost all the hopes when the first operation regarding his knee went wrong.

No one admitted this first that the operation went wrong. This news was kept secret but then the media somehow got it leaked and PCB was under some serious criticism. Haris was down and out from cricket and then PCB decided to send him to England.

A much better and mature panel of doctors were given this job to rectify the problem. Haris was operated in England again this second operation helped him reach where he is now. There was a time when people thought the playing apart Haris might not be able to walk properly because of the injury and miscalculated operation.

But as per Haris those times are not over. He said that he hopes the no other player goes through the same which he went through. Haris thanked his board for all the help they gave to him to make it over the line. Haris said that he is trying his best to get up physically fit and try to get his place back in the Pakistan team. Haris did well since he made his debut for Pakistan. In the middle order he proved out to be a really good player against pace and spin. He last played in the world cup 2015 and after that he got himself injured. But now he is fit and will take part in the domestic cricket as well. He has to prove that he is back with some serious plans in cricket.

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