Malinga 6 wickets in BBL game

Sri Lankan pace bowler Lasith Malinga is one of the best operatives in the T20 cricket. He is a right arm pace bowler and he has some really good bowling skills. He has skills to bowl fast with a lot of bowling variations and that works for him every time he bowls.

Here we see him bowling in a Big Bash League game and Malinga took 6 wickets in that game. That is one of the highest number of wicket taken by a bowler in a BBL game. This was an extraordinary day for the Melbourne Stars bowler. He was on a complete rampage that day.

North was the first hunt for Malinga. This was a perfect yorker from a white new ball from the Sri Lankan pacer. The accuracy on this one was brilliant. The ball hit the bottom of the off stump. North was trying to give himself some room and hit the ball on the off side. He failed and Malinga picked up his first wicket.

Stoinis was then caught at point. This was a normal length ball pitched on the middle stump and the Scorchers batter wanted to just glide the ball on the leg side. Now the ball sticks on the pitch and came a little bit slow than what Stoinis was expecting. The ball hit the outside edge and went straight to the point fielder.

Melbourne Stars were wrapping things quickly here. Then came a streak of wickets for Malinga on slow balls. Now we all know Malinga bowls a rattling slow ball. The best one in the business in this format. He bowls them with that loop that ends up with a dip.

These slow balls are really hard to check and adjust. The first batter tried to clip the ball on the leg side. There was no pace on this one and as a result the ball went to the fielder and that was out. Another easy catch for the Melbourne Stars fielder.

The next slower ball gave Malinga an lbw. This was another slower ball. The ball was right in front of his stumps trying to play the ball on the leg side. He was beaten by the lack of pace and the umpire had no issues in raising his finger the moment the ball hit the pads. The last wicket for Malinga again was on a slower ball. Four of his six wickets came on slower balls that day. The Melbourne Stars got Perth Scorchers out for less than 100 runs thanks to a powerful show by Malinga.

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