MS Dhoni and Yuvraj Singh together on camera

MS Dhoni was thought to be the person behind the absence of Yuvraj Singh from team India but the latest video from the two has faded out this rumor. Even Yuvraj’s father has criticized Dhoni many a times in the past but that is all past now.

Yuvraj and Dhoni together made a video after the first warm up game against England. Yuvraj asked a few questions to his former captain. There were answers given. The two showed a huge amount of respect for each other as well. Nothing looked problematic between the two.

It all started when Yuvraj Singh’s father went ballistic about Indian captain MS Dhoni. As per him Dhoni was the reason that his son was out of the Indian team. Not only this, but Yuvraj’s father put a lot of other allegations on MS Dhoni. He even said that Dhoni was successful because he has a good team. The players have made him what he is today. Yuvraj on all this gave his statement and he said that there is nothing wrong between him and Dhoni. His father has just got sentimental and that is it. He will have a talk with his father.

Yuvraj Singh has been like a backbone for team Indian in the middle order. The left hander has won India lot of matches. Many of them were almost lost but it was Yuvraj who changed the whole contexts of those games with his bat. Yuvraj Singh and Dhoni played the warm up game against England last night. India could not won that game but at least the good news is that Dhoni and Yuvraj showed up telling the audience that they don’t have any problems between them.

Yuvraj asked a few questions to his former captain. The first one was the obvious one. Yuvraj asked Dhoni about his journey as player and then captain. In fact Dhoni after a months of his international cricket was made the captain of team India. It has been ten years that the man led India and made it the only nation in the world to have won all the major titles in cricket. Dhoni said that it has been a fantastic journey and he is satisfied with his cricketing career. He also said that the he will try to ensure that the cricket left in him also gets the same experience. Dhoni then praised Yuvraj saying that players like him makes the job very easy for a captain. The two shared a few jokes as well. Good to see them together for the game.

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