Shahid Afridi exclusive talk on his last match issue

There is a big confusion in the minds of cricket fans and especially Shahid Afridi fans. Will Afridi play his last match or not? The answer which most of the people are getting now is no. Shahid Afridi might not be able to make it to the ground for Pakistan again. There are some reasons which make this preposition quite solid now. First Afridi replied to a tweet in which one fan asked him about his last game and Afridi said that no, playing for Pakistan for him is now over. He will not return to the team.

Now in his latest interview Afridi has said that he wanted one last game and that as far as he thinks and even the chief selector Inzamam thinks is his right. Now question comes why he did not get that game. It was planned during the West Indies series.

That was even what Afridi wanted as well. Afridi said that he wanted to get into the ground in UAE for one last time and leave the game for good amongst his people. Now for a player of his class this should have had happened but it did not. Afridi said that Inzamam was ready to give him one last game. He had a chat with Inzamam in which Inzamam agreed to give him one last game. Inzamam said that Afridi was the hero of this nation and he has a lot of services for Pakistan so he will be given one last game.

It was Najam Sethi who did not agree to it. He and Afridi had a telephonic conversation and in that Afridi was told that PCB has some other plans for Afridi. There is less chance that he might get one last game. As per Sethi, even Arthur the head coach of Pakistan was not ready to take in Afridi.

Now we will discuss the Arthur case some other time because here the start of this whole conversation is pretty dubious. Afridi said that he did not feel bad but was surprised to see when Sethi was not telling the truth. But then again the question comes was Sethi really lying. He is one of the main faces in PCB. Why would he be lying for just one game? Sethi can have his own reservations and they can be true as well. So one should not put all the blame of Sethi. He has to look at a lot of things and we know running PCB matters is not an easy job.

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