Shahid Afridi shares funny incident about Abdul Razzaq

Shahid Afridi is one of those players in Pakistan cricket who has plenty of stories to share. He has played almost 20 years of international cricket and hence he knows a lot than many other players. He shared a funny incident about Abdul Razzaq on a show.

Afridi said that they were touring Australia and were invited for a dinner by a Pakistani family. Razzaq, Afridi and other players went for the dinner. Razzaq after looking at the looking at all the dishes asked the host about spinach. Shahid Afridi was joined by Ahmad Shahzad in the show. The host of the show was none other than the former Pakistani test player Mohammad Wasim. Wasim asked Afridi to share some funny incident about Abdul Razzaq. Afridi first told the nick names which Razzaq had.

He said that Razzaq was used to be named Foji and Chunni Babu. Afridi then went into the details of this incident. He said that in Australia if some Pakistan invited you to his house for dinner or lunch that is a big thing. People often don’t so this. They like to watch cricket and remain there only.

Razzaq and Afridi both were the part of that dinner. Now Razzaq fist had a detailed look on every dish and at the end he did not see spinach. He went to the lady who invited them all to her home and asked here about the spinach. The lady replied with a statement that this is not a restaurant and that put Razzaq in shame. Afridi said that for him even eating became all too difficult. He managed to take some food and then went out of the house. Afridi then grilled Razzaq for asking spinach. Razzaq is highly fond of spinach and that is the reason he was looking for the same dish in that dinner.

Afridi then also shared one other incident when he put Razzaq in doubt for his leg. Razzaq was facing hair fall issue and he was fighting against it, for that reason he was taking so much spinach. When the other knew it they made a huge was made over Razzaq. Afridi was leading this one as per him Razzaq should have not asked for the spinach to that Australian women. Afridi was so right here. Razzaq should have known whom to talk about what subjects. Also there are some ethics to speak to the host of a party or even a casual dinner. This is what he did not know much. He is a very simple man.

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