Tye gets a hat trick in BBL 2016

Perth Scorchers fast bowler Tye got a hat trick in the latest game of BBL and with that he now is the second only bowler to get a hat trick in BBL. The game was already in the hands of the Scorchers and Tye finished off the thing with a hat trick.

The last three batter from the Brisbane Heat fell to some really good fast bowling by Tye. The first batter was caught behind the wickets. The second one fell on the off side and the last one was clean bowled by the pacer here. It was a fantastic spell of bowling from Tye.

Tye now is amongst the record makers. This is the second time only that a bowler has made a hat trick in the Big Bash League. The bowling was Tye was spot on. He hit the ball in the right areas and did get the rewards. The three wickets came right at the end.

Brisbane Heat needed runs in the final balls and hence the batters had to swing hard. The first batter gave himself room on the off side and tried to hit the ball over the off side field. The ball hit a good line and length and there was a good decent pace behind it as well. The ball hit the edge of the bat and the wicket keeper had the easiest of catches to complete. That was the first wicket for Tye. The second wicket came on the next ball. The batsman again tried to give it everything. Once again a failure from the Brisbane Heat.

This time the ball hit the top edge of the bat and scooped up in the air. The fielder at short third man ran to his left and took this one down. It was another easy one. Only the running part was a bit hard but at the end the fielder took it down with ease.

The last wicket was the best of them all. This was the best of the three balls. It was straight, bowled with a lot of pace and the line was right on the off stump. The batsman missed it and the bails flew all over the place. There it was Tye gets his hat trick and the Scorchers bowler did not realize first that he has made a record. His reaction was more like being happy for winning the match and not celebrating the hat trick. May be after the celebrations someone had had told him that he has taken a hat trick as well.

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