Wasim Akram brilliant bowling against England

Wasim Akram always enjoyed bowling England. The conditions suited him a lot and also it was the place where he learned a lot about bowling and cricket. Wasim played a lot of years for the Lancashire country cricket club.

Here we see him making the English top order dance in a test match. The likes of Gooch, Stuart and Atherton were all struggling against Wasim. He took the wickets of Stuart and Atherton in his opening spell. Wasim was worth watching for in that test game.

Wasim Akram first bowled against the English captain Gooch. There were hazy conditions and the ball was wobbling a lot. In England the pacers enjoy bowling a lot and the reason is the swing which they get in this part of the world. Wasim after beating Gooch a couple of times outside the off stump finally got the edge. The ball hit the outside part of the bat and went flying to the right on Inzamam in the slips. Inzamam could not take this one and the ball brushed his hands before traveling to the deep third man fence.

Wasim was pretty upset with this fumble. The ball was a beauty and it absolutely stunned the English batter but there was no good results for Wasim and Pakistan. Not only Gooch but even Stuart had all the troubles facing Wasim Akram. Wasim Akram was really bowling quickly and the line and length from him were making the English batters dance. Finally Wasim was able to get the outside edge of Gooch again and this time Inzamam made no mistake at all. He kept his eyes on the ball till the last moment.

In England the first lesson of catching is that you have to keep your eyes on the ball till the last moment. The reason again is conditions. The ball even wobbles a lot while coming to any fielder as a catch. So you have to stand alert all the time. Inzamam did not do that earlier and paid the penalty. This time he did not repeat this mistake.

Wasim was pumped up taking this wicket. The second wicket for him was of Atherton. Wasim caught him behind to the wicket keeper Moin Khan. This was another excellent ball from the left arm pacer. The ball was pitched on the middle stump line and then Wasim moved it away from Atherton at the last moment. There was nothing left for the batter to do. The ball hit the edge and Moin completed simplest of catches. Wasim got his second scalp of the day.

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